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Commercial Construction

Tom Rumsey, Inc. has done many different commercial jobs and has over 25 years experience in this field.  We have completed many different aspects of commercial contracting.  We have constructed buildings from ground up to completion and have also done many renovation jobs.  Customer satisfaction is always our number one goal.  We complete every job to the satisfaction of our customers.
Tom Rumsey, Inc.  has completed many Hand & Stone Massage & Facial Spas in many different locations across the eastern United States.  Usually, these locations are already exsisting buildings that are completely renovated and re-built for the requirements for the corporate standards of the massage and facial spa. Some of the construction includes, framing the building, drywall & finish of the area, new carpet/flooring, new plumbing, HVAC, electrical, making sure all fire and sprinkler requirements are up to code, and installation of toilets, sinks, and many other things.   A few of the locations that Tom Rumsey, Inc. has done fit-out's for these buildings are:  Aberdeen, NJ; Emerson, NJ; Annapolis, MD; Center City Philadelphia, PA; Haverford, PA; Easton, PA; and Center Valley, PA.  We always make sure our customers are satisfied with our high quality work.

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Tom Rumsey, Inc.  has also took special focus in contracting with a dialysis center.  We have done many different types of jobs for the dialysis center.  We have done floor replacements, counter top replacements, and we also currently have a service contract with the dialysis center.  With this service contract, any work that needs to be completed, they contact us, we send our high quality staff and make sure the job is completed the correct way.  We have also done some residential jobs for them, by going to a clients house and making sure there house is set up in the proper manner so they can receive dialysis at home.  Some of the dialysis locations are:  Pottsville, PA; State College, PA; Wilkes Barre, PA; and Albany, NY.

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